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Attendance Policy

Regular and punctual attendance, essential to satisfactory progress in school, is expected of every student. All absences, except those that are unavoidable, are viewed unfavorably. The number of absences will be reflected on the student=s report card. Attendance is taken daily at 8:45. Students who arrive after 8:45 will be considered absent for the entire day. Under the Texas Compulsory Attendance Law, parents are responsible for insuring the attendance of all their children
between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18) and those enrolled in a public pre-kindergarten or kindergarten program. The law states that parents are in violation of the law if the child is absent without adequate documentation for three or more days or parts of days in a four-week period or ten or more days or parts of days in a six-month period. Failing to comply with this law is a Class C misdemeanor, and if convicted, the fine for non-compliance of Compulsory Attendance is up to $500 per day
the child is absent, whether all or part of the day. Parts of days include tardies and early pick-ups. Navasota ISD may pursue the filing of charges against parents/guardians and the child, respectively, for failure to comply with the Compulsory Attendance Law. (TEC Section 25.093)
A student who is required to attend school under TEC Section 25.085 shall attend school each school day for the entire period the program of instruction is provided. A student commits an offense under Section 25.094 if the student is required to attend school and fails to attend school for the amount of time specified and is not excused. An offense may be prosecuted in the justice or municipal court for the precinct in which the student resides or in which the school is located. All absences will be recorded. This includes the period from the first day of a school semester and carries to the last day of the
semester.  A student=s absence shall be excused for the purpose of observing religious holy days if the parent submits a written excuse.  When a student misses school for a visit to a health care professional, the student shall not be considered absent if he/she begins classes that day and/or returns to school on the same day of the appointment, and provides documentation verifying the appointment.
After any absence due to medical and dental appointments, the student is expected to provide a written explanation that must be signed by the doctor verifying the appointment. However, students are expected to schedule these appointments so that they do not interfere with classes.
Students who have been absent must present a written excuse from the parent or guardian within two (2) days of their return to school or within a period to be approved by the campus administrator. After five (5) absences, a student may be considered to be excessively absent and may be required to present a formal excuse (i.e. doctor=s note) for any further absences. After being declared excessive, parental notes may not be accepted.  No student is permitted to leave school during school hours without an excuse from the parent or guardian. Extenuating circumstances of extreme emergency will be reviewed by a school administrator. A student is allowed to make up work missed because of an absence. The Board shall adopt policies establishing alternative ways for students to make up work or gain credit lost because of absences. (Section 25.092) Any student placed in an alternative educational program for discipline purposes under provisions of this code will be counted in computing the average daily attendance of students in the district for the student=s time in actual attendance in the
program. Additionally, the student is responsible for completing all work assigned during the period he or she is assigned to an alternative educational program.