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ebooks                                  To access the site where these books are shelved go to:

Students will log on with a username and password.  The username will be the student's lunch number.  The password will be the first three letters of the student's last name and the first letter must be capitalized.
For instructions to download follettshelf items to your mobile device please connect to the following link:

Ebooks reading levels range from kindergarten to adult.  As with all internet sites monitoring is encouraged.  If you would like to learn more about Follett Shelf and how to add other devices, please visit and click on technical requirements.

Students are allowed to check out ebooks online!  Once a student has logged onto Follett Shelf, simply click the i found on the lower right hand corner of the title cover.  This will give information about the reading level, author, and more.  Students have the choice to either check out ebooks, or read them online.  Change your mind about an ebook?  No problem!  Click the i on the title cover and then click on information.  An option to check the ebook in early will be given.  To exit Follett Shelf click on student's name and exit.  Books will automatically check back in after 7 days.